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M.F. Family Health NP P.C offers primary care, allergy testing, immunotherapy, and various other services to the communities in Staten Island, New York. We strive to provide high-quality care and attention to all our patients and help them live a healthy life. Dr. Marina Fest, DNP-C can advise you on what to do to prevent DM, HTN, and other chronic conditions.

Our highly-experienced experts aim to accurately diagnose each of our patients, and we offer the right treatment to help you recover. We use cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment in all of our diagnostic procedures. Whether you want to lose weight or get an IM vitamin shot, our healthcare providers can take care of all your needs.

Primary Care

We diagnose, prevent, and suggest treatments to help improve your quality of life.

IM Vitamin Shot

Prevent or treat a deficiency with IM vitamin shots.


We understand your condition and prescribe treatments to improve your testosterone levels.

Allergy Testing

Identify the root cause of your allergies and get the right treatment.

Peptide Therapy

Enhances the body’s natural processes for various functions with peptide therapy.

Medical Weight Loss

Boost your metabolism and lose fat effectively with M.F. Family Health NP P.C.

Why Us

Our goal is to provide friendly treatment to all our patients. We focus on disease effective disease prevention and primary care. M.F. Family Health NP P.C also offers ultrasound, physical exam, laboratory tests, and more. We care greatly about our community and try to make health care more accessible while retaining a diverse range of specializations, consultations, and referral partnerships for our patients’ individual care requirements. We encourage and support active communication with our patients, and offer custom solutions to suit each person’s needs. Contact us today for more information about our services
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